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The Carbohydrates Volume 1A, Volume 1A - 2nd Edition

Email or Customer ID. BeMiller, L. Goodman, and J. The first of these presents numerous and extensive Tables on rate constants and kinetic parameters, and the second covers a field in which the author has extensive experience. The Chapter by L. This extensive and well-written review contains numerous Tables of D-fructose derivatives.

It is unfortunate that neither this chapter, nor the chapter previousIy published in VoIume 7, discusses the chemistry of the two most biologically important derivatives of D-fructose, namely, the 6-phosphate and the 1,6diphosphate Neuberg and Harden-Young esters. Ueda and J. This chapter is an invaluable source of information for the scientist interested in the chemistry of nucleotides and nucleic acids, and, by itself, should be an inducement for the purchase of this volume.

2nd Edition

Marchessault and A. Volume 22 is completed by a review by C. Glycosides J. Ethers and anhydro-sugars J.

Acetals J. Esters J. Halogenated sugars J. Amino-sugars J. Hydrazones and osazones J.

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Miscellaneous nitrogen-containing compounds J. Thio-and seleno-sugars J. Derivatives with nitrogen, sulphur, or phosphorus in the sugar ring J.

Carbohydrates-Classification and Nomenclature-How to remember carbohydrates structure CSIR-NET GATE

Deoxy-sugars J. Unsaturated derivatives J. Branched-chain sugars J. Aldehydo-sugars, aldosuloses, and diuloses J. Sugar acids and lactones J. Inorganic derivatives J.

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  4. Cyclitols J. Antibiotics J. Nucleosides J.

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    Oxidation and reduction J. Other physical methods J. Polarimetry J. Separatory and analytical methods J.