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Policies and guidelines Contact us. This page was last edited on 1 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Both were distributed via 3-ring binder.

This latter price also put you on the subscription list so Apple sent you Software Supplement updates as they became available. Both packages were available to anyone who sent in the money; they were not limited to Apple Certified Developers. Inside Macintosh was eventually published as a softcover "Promotional Edition" in spring , and as a finished hardcover by Addison-Wesley later that year.

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It is well-remembered and will be explored in a later blog article. The Macintosh Software Supplement , on the other hand, seems to have been largely forgotten in the past three decades. Finally, updates to Inside Macintosh came in the Software Supplements up til early when the text was finalized. Apple's first Macintosh newsletter for developers, Floating in the Heap later renamed Outside Macintosh , advertised the Software Supplement in its September 30, edition: Floating in the Heap, Sep 30, wrote: Software Supplement info Here's the scoop on the Macintosh Software Supplement.

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You also get updates to both the supplement and Inside Macintosh, and a copy of the final Inside Macintosh when it's published next year if you also bought Inside Macintosh. The most recent supplement update is dated July, and it's the first version that had eight disks the previous releases had less. Eric Smith wrote about the Software Supplement in July , giving an overview of what was included on the 8 disks of one of the earliest Supplements, similar to what was described in the developer newsletter: Eric Smith on net.

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When you purchase the supplement you also get someday? Beats me why the IM update comes with the supplement rather than the IM itself. Oh well, you need both anyhow. Software Supplement updates were often delayed.

In July , R. Martin Chavez posted on net.

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The December Supplement did not ship until the following spring. List of Macintosh Software Supplements There seem to have been at least three Software Supplements in , perhaps four.

In there were two, and there were two final Supplements shipped in It is really a varied collection of documents! There is an order form for more Apple documentation.

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There are lists of traps, updated every few months. What takes up the most space are the updates to Inside Macintosh, particularly the documentation for AppleTalk originally called AppleBus. If anyone reading this article should have Supplements from , please let me know. I'd be interested in seeing them.

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I flipped through my binder and took pictures of some of the more interesting pages. Since publishing this article, I now have the supplements, so I am now only interested in The next one will show one of the first network games for Macintosh in ! We will test software, fix hardware, program it, hack it, and generally take the K Macintosh to its limits. I now have complete copies of two Supplements from , but not the disks. If anyone has the disks, please let me know.