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However, these technologies mostly got replaced with Web Services. SOA is an architectural approach to building systems from autonomous services enables agile business process through open standards interoperability.

Myth one: ZBB simply means building your budget from zero

SOA allows IT to respond to the changing market conditions and being an architectural philosophy may not be implementable always. Organizations should align SOA with the business drivers to reap benefits and here we unfold some myths and facts associated with SOA. The SOA concept can be viewed from several perspectives and from a holistic point of view, these perspectives help in understanding the underlying architectural requirements.

SOA may not be a panacea for every business or IT problem in the organization. SOA significantly holds benefits for enterprises that approach it methodically. A well planned and executed SOA undertaking will help organizations to achieve better responsiveness in a dynamic market landscape.

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Edward Sable is President of Macrosoft, Inc. Prior to joining Macrosoft, Ed owned and led a business development consulting firm.

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Droves of hummingbirds and sandhill cranes meander overhead, and hiking is glorious. Summer starts in May and lasts until mid-September. Yes, the days are hot and can be extremely dry or agonizingly humid. Summer is best spent in your swimming pool, and sunblock is a must. Fall starts in October.

Five myths (and realities) about zero-based budgeting

Apples, berries, and watermelon are local, delicious, and ready for picking. Nights begin to cool down. There is no daylight savings time here, so it gets dark earlier but not artificially early. Unless your pool is heated, you may want to pack away the bathing suits for now. Trees slowly shed their leaves, tomatoes and other container crops ripen, and rains start.

The mountain tops become capped with snow, at least above 5, feet.

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Flagstaff, Arizona. If you miss ice and snow, you can always travel about two miles north to Flagstaff or Snowflake to shred some gnar and get your snow fix. Myth 2: Snakes and scorpions are a constant menace. Fact: Not really. Snakes hibernate in winter and are most prevalent in spring when it warms up. Luckily, most snakes here are harmless, and even rattlesnakes avoid inhabited areas for the most part, although caution should be taken, particularly with pets.

Myths and Facts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Scorpions are more often found in newer subdivisions, where their desert habitat has recently been disrupted. Contrary to what you may have heard, pest control services can get rid of scorpions. Fact: False. Proper treatment can ensure that your house will remain termite free for the long-term. Myth 4: Your air-conditioning bill in summer will cost a fortune. Fact: Not necessarily. While air-conditioning in an Arizona summer is as vital as heating in a northern winter, there are ways to mitigate air conditioning costs.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as retrofits and in new home construction, and Arizona is the perfect setting for them. Some companies offer these audits for free. Landscaping with shade trees and vegetation is another great energy-saving fix. In the case of lender-owned homes, the bank might not be aware of any problems the house is concealing.