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    ¡A Viajar!: Spanish 3 for Hospitality

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    Something that prevents or disrupts an event from happening We had invited everyone round for a BBQ today, but the rain has really thrown a spanner in the works! Said when the person you are talking about appears unexpectedly Did you hear about what happened to Michael? To spend a lot of money on something We splashed out on new phones for the whole family.

    To refuse to change your mind or beliefs about something I really respect Sarah. Subsequently, students invent their own virtual destination situated an existing Spanish speaking country. Students are asked to be their own architects, geographers, hiring board and directors for their destination.

    At the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate the HTR related industry knowledge they have gained throughout the year as they prepare and carry out the presentation of their destination to an industry board. Students will read, discuss and write in Spanish as they gain an understanding of the breadth of the Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation HTR industry.

    They will learn about the variety of careers available in this industry and how a knowledge of Spanish increases their opportunities for careers in the industry. Students will also gain an understanding of the industry's importance to local, state and national economies. Students will utilize activities such as those found in the into, through and beyond activities found in Temas 1 and 7 of Temas de Turismo , a Spanish language textbook produced in Spain for those HTR students whose primary language is Spanish, to strengthen both their abilities to comprehend and use Spanish accurately and to understand the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation industry in greater depth.

    They will complete the topic appropriate vocabulary builder exercises, read the authentic Spanish language selections on the definition of tourism, the types of tourism and the benefits of tourism, and complete the correlated reading activities found there. In this assignment, groups of students will create Spanish language posters that illustrate the breadth of the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation industry. Discussions during this assignment will be conducted in the target language. Visuals will include the major aspects of the HTR industry sector including travel vocabulary keyed to transportation , tourism venue vocabulary , event planning, theme parks and sports venues , attractions locations that draw people to an area to boost the economy , exhibitions, recreation, food science, and food service.

    Each visual must also list examples of businesses and careers associated with each major aspect of HTR. Students will also do an audiovisual presentation for the class that delineates the results of their research. This assignment affords students the opportunity to strengthen their ability to use CTE related Spanish vocabulary transportation, place name, event vocabulary, business name vocabulary, careers, etc.

    This assignment also affords students the opportunity to demonstrate how well they understand the structure and organizational schema of the HTR industry. After instruction and research and using the target language, each student will write a word summary of the economic contributions of the HTR industry in California.

    Studying the importance of the industry in California will serve as an example of the impact of HTR on local, national and international economies and culture. This summary necessitates the need for a familiarity with new vocabulary related to the HTR industry and a knowledge of the the past and imperfect tenses. The present perfect tense may be employed.

    This activity affords students the opportunity to augment their ability to use and extend their job-related Spanish language vocabulary as they find out more about how they might fit into the HTR industry. Each student will summarize and reflect on their findings in words or less in written Spanish. With this summary students will demonstrate their ability to correctly use the present tense, gustar and encantar in both the present tense, adjectives related to self, other personality trait vocabulary, vocabulary related to hobbies and pastimes, reflexive verbs in the context both of daily activities as well as in the context of how a personal schedule relates to the world of work.

    Perfect Phrases in Spanish for the Hotel and Restaurant Industries

    This assignment may require the use the present conditional tense. If possible, students will investigate an area of interest that was identified through the interest and skills assessment. The Career Study will be written in Spanish and presented orally in Spanish.