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Alfred Brendel and Walter Klein, piano. Mercury, recorded Apr.

Dvořák: Slavonic Dance, Op. 46/8 / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker

Kreisler, from Op. For technical reasons too complicated to go into, this is our only all-native-Czechoslovak performance under other circumstances I might have tried to stick to all-native performances , and I don't think it's an accident that it comes in Op. Supraphon, recorded Jun , No.

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Decca, recorded August No. DG, recorded June No.

Chandos, recorded Mar. Kreisler] Fritz Kreisler, violin; Carl Lamson, piano.

Here's a violin-and-piano arrangement played by David Oistrakh not at his best. A good strategy is for you to play the other part during lessons in the initial stages.

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As always, be clear and prioritize what you wish to work on in the lesson and do not try to do too many things at once. Always stress the importance of knowing individual parts really well, so it is wise to cultivate a practice regime where each player leaves the lesson knowing what they will individually work on during the coming week.

You may well find that, whilst the performance is coming along in terms of notes and ensemble, it lacks real musical passion and insight. You may also find it something of a struggle to enable your students to feel the mood with an understanding for this Slavic idiom. It may be that they do not easily achieve this, but that you can teach them a certain sense of rubato that mimics the kind of expressive performance needed.

All works in BBC Proms by Antonín Dvořák (1841 – 1904)

This may not be ideal, but one has to start somewhere! Even if the performance does not turn out to be the greatest interpretation in the world, that intuitive sense of style can be something that students will learn to feel more naturally as time goes on. An excellent performance This will be a delight to hear. There will be a good understanding of the ebb and flow inherent here and the ensemble will demonstrate subtleties within the balance between the two players as well as unanimity.

Latest albums by Antonin Dvorak

Careful and effective pedalling will add a pleasant sheen to the textures and the effect will never become tiring on the ear. The degree to which both players act as a sensitive and single artistic unit will be very evident. A good performance Here there will be lots of musical features to the playing and a good sense that the players are working together as an effective musical unit. There may be a few ensemble slips and moments where the unanimity of performance could be better.

Dvořбk, Antonin

However this will come across as expressive and knowledgeable playing, but without the degree of detail and the consistent subtlety that mark out a really outstanding performance. The pieces, lively and full of national character, were well received at the time and today are considered among the composer's most memorable works, occasionally making appearances in popular culture. The Op. In Simrock's original edition of the piano duet, no. Their positions were reversed in the orchestral version. Both orders are still found.

Video - Valley Philharmonic Orchestra Dvorak Slavonic Dance #8 G minor Op

Prior to the publication of the Slavonic Dances , Op. Consequently, he had applied for the Austrian State Prize fellowship German "Stipendium" in order to fund his composing work. The orchestration for the Slavonic Dances , with minor variations for each number, is as follows:. A full performance of each opus typically takes approximately minutes.